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New Etched Glass Look For Wall Quotes and Wall Art

Posted by Jim B. Jones on 5/17/2013 to New Etched Glass Look
There's no doubt that etched glass creates a classy, elegant look to any window, mirror, shower door, or glass panel. But, it's expensive, time consuming, and a downright pain to have done. And, most companies won't waste their time with you for small personalized orders. But now, there is an exciting alternative to etched glass, with a look that's almost as good, for a fraction of the cost! In fact, you'll have to look pretty darn close to tell the difference!

Give Your Home a Makeover with Vinyl Wall Art

Posted by Jim B. Jones on 5/14/2013 to Give Your Home a Makeover!
Give your home a makeover with vinyl wall art.
What is vinyl wall art?

Christian and Bible Wall Quotes

Posted by Jim B. Jones on 5/5/2012 to Christian Vinyl Wall Art Quotes
Christian and Bible vinyl wall quote stickers are the latest trend in home decor.  With its easy to install step by step application process it's a snap.  Spiritual quotes make a great gift for religious occasions or to provide an inspirational message.  Once on your wall, they will transform any room in your home and will become a major focal point and certain conversational piece.  Many of your favorite Bible Scripture quotes can be found right here.  As a variation to this, these Bible quotes can also be put on a ceramic tile.  Ceramic tiles offer class and elegance and a high perception of value for an affordable price.  Ceramic tiles can also be customized with your favorite quote or Scripture, just let us know what you have in mind.  Although not included, ceramic tiles can also include either a plastic, metal or wooden stand for a small price.  What better way to express your thoughts and ideas or share them with someone you love or care about than with these Vinyl Wall Art Quotes or personalized Ceramic
Tiles with stands.  

Kids Room and Nursery Decorating Trends

Posted by on 4/30/2012 to Kids Wall Art
Wall Art Trends for Children and Nursery's If youíre like most moms out there, youíve probably encountered the difficulty in trying to find interesting and personal ideas when trying to decorate your kids room or nursery.  One thing Iíve seen out there recently was a name plaque from places like the Pottery Barn or for those of us who are daring enough to try, there is always stenciling.  While projects like these can produce nice results, there is another option out there for those of us who are looking for something easy and is also fun to do at the same time.Ē The latest decorating trend in helping moms everywhere to spruce up their kids room fast and easy or preparing the nursery for the new arrival is vinyl wall art.Vinyl Wall Art is fun and affordable and can also be enjoyed by the kids.  How about picking something a little more near and dear to your heart, like youíre favorite poem or nursery rhyme? How about an inspirational vinyl wall quote?

When you really stop to think about it, the possibilities are endless.  A great place to find all of your favorite kids vinyl wall quotes is right here.  We have many of the best quotes for kids, or nursery rhymes just the way you remembered them when you were a kid.  And if you canít find the exact item youíre looking for, www.expressinvinyl.com can create that custom wall quote youíre looking for.  Unlike stenciling that requires a lot of time,  patience and energy, vinyl wall art is fast, fun and easy.  What is vinyl wall art you ask?  Vinyl wall art is the latest trend in home fashion due to its cost effectiveness and ease to install.  Not only is it fast and easy to put up, it can also be easily removed too.  This has proven to be a great option for people in all walks of life, and the kids will love it too. 

 New Etched Glass Look
 Give Your Home a Makeover!
 Christian Vinyl Wall Art Quotes
 Kids Wall Art

 New Etched Glass Look For Wall Quotes and Wall Art
 Give Your Home a Makeover with Vinyl Wall Art
 Christian and Bible Wall Quotes
 Kids Room and Nursery Decorating Trends

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